Low Flow Tap Inserts


Low-flow Tap Inserts, also known as Tap Aerators, are the first step in slashing your water usage. Installing them on all taps will save copious amounts of water and if that’s not enough motivation, they will also save you a whole lot of money. With Water becoming more and more of a precious resource, as if it wasn’t already, we all need to really make an effort to be conscious about how much we use and more importantly how much we waste, or from now on, how little.

Expect a 50-95% water saving per tap. which could save you ±R3.60 per day, per tap.


Note: While Tap Aerators are a fairly simple solution to implement and many people will be able to do this without assistance, we have encountered some occasions where tricky taps and old plumbing have made the process a bit difficult for the average Joe. For these cases and in case you have any doubt, contact us today to book a site assessment and we can ensure that your taps will work with the fittings, before buying something that might not work for you.

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Cape Town Water Restrictions

Additional information

Flow Rate

0.5 liters per minute – Atomizer, 1.4 litres per minute – Mikado, 2 liters per minute – Cascade, 3 liters per minute – Straight Spray, 6 liters per minute – Antilime

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