Green Wall – 4 Pockets


  • Designed and hand made by South Africans for your joyous experience of growing your own food.
  • Ideal for growing food where space is at a premium.
  • Dimensions: 58 cm x 58 cm
  • Pocket size: 25 cm wide x 23 cm deep each
  • Webbing around edge has eyelets for mounting
  • Includes plastic backing for protection of wall surfaces
  • Perfect for a few herbs or cascading plants


The main body of the panel is made from a geotextile. This is an artificial fibre with a lovely felt texture.

Correctly maintained they should last 5 – 10 years.

Since soil and water are placed in the pockets, it is natural for the colour from the soil to drain through. So yes, it will change colour and develop a patina on the outside over time. The pockets can be washed if you would like to do that. The fabric will not rot nor tear with proper maintenance

We recommend a light potting soil – ask at your nursery.

We suggest herbs and soft leafy vegetables as well as edible flowers but any plants of your choice can be planted – as long as they do not get too tall and heavy

Treat as you would for pot plants – which usually need more water and food than those in open ground. If it is in too hot a place, it will dry out more quickly.