Easy Eco – Bokashi Bin Set


Take composting to a whole new level with Bokashi.

Bokashi is a system that uses nutrient-rich activated wheat bran to ferment food. Reducing odours and speeding up the composting process. Bokashi Bran, as it is called, is a specially brewed formula packed with the power of Effective Microorganisms (EM) and is the perfect indoor composting solution – it’s quick, convenient and odour-free. This compost starter works on all sorts of scraps, including bread, dairy and even meat. All our Bokashi Bran is brewed and produced in South Africa.


Some insider information.

  • This can be done effectively indoors. Live in an apartment with no balcony? No problem.
  • Bokashi is a step in the composting process – It does not convert food to compost, however it prepares it for composting by fermenting the food scraps and neutralising the odour.
  • Bokashi fermented food scraps can be fed safely to worms, including meat and dairy. (Still avoid citrus as this is poisonous for worms) – Bury citrus.
  • Bokashi is an amazing way to reduce your waste to landfill.
  • Bokashi produces liquid – Bokashi tea – which is great for all plants.
  • Your food scraps will become nutrients both good for the Earth and good for you.

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