Bamboo Coffee Cups


So you guys support throwaway coffee culture?

No. We don’t

However we support steps forward and progress. 

What does that mean?

It means that education and the transferring of information and understanding is at the core of what we do. Did you know that the coffee cups that 99% of coffee retailers are using are lined with plastic (often on the inside and outside)! That means that you have been drinking heated up plastic in your coffee this whole time. Sorry, not sorry. Bring your own cup! PS: These coffee cups aren’t even recyclable and every single one of them ever used in South Africa is sitting somewhere in a landfill and will do so for a long long time. Sorry for the buzzkill but the truth hurts!

But if you can’t or for whatever reason you don’t want to (bad you) then at least these cups made with bamboo fibre, as opposed to paper, and lined with PLA, as opposed to PP or LDPE, are better for the environment. Did I mention that they actually are home-compostable? We have done the tests and will have a blog post up soon about this.

(Unlike the CPLA or Thicker PLA cups for smoothies these do break down in less than 6 months in a worm farm or home-composter. The thicker coffee lids do not, hence the reason we don’t sell lids. So no drinking and driving 😉 )

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If you need any info as to these coffee cups or want to understand why we sell them when we don’t support throwaway culture please email us at and we will be more than happy to go into further detail. 🙂

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