What we are about


There are eco-conscious people out there

who know that the future has to be a sustainable one,

but just donʼt know where to start.


Thatʼs where we come in.

We are committed to finding and procuring the best products and initiatives

that make eco-friendly living a possibility.


Our products, packages and solutions are cost-effective, simple and efficient.

We strive to become an information hub for all things related to a greener lifestyle.

With us youʼre just one step away from a

greener home, school or business.


Easy Eco is more than just a business, itʼs a way of living.


Years of experience in the sustainability field.

With our partners and networks we evaluate your sustainability needs.


Hand picked product lists.

No green washing.

Validated green credentials.


Basic delivery fee R95

Free delivery for orders over R5000.

*Final delivery charge depends on size and weight.


We want to help you get the job done as easy as possible.  We offer: Installations, Plumbers, Electricians, Waste Management, Graphic Designers, Training and Workshops.


A sustainable solution can only effective as well as it is used.  We offer quality signage, training and educational workshops.


Get in touch


Chat to us on gogreen@easyeco.co.za or fill in this form and we will get back to you.

Remember – we are here to make green easy!

So if there is ANYTHING “green” you want or need, please ask us.

We LOVE a challenge.